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MLB could have no Latino managers at this time, though the NFL has one, Ron Rivera. The head coach on the Carolina Panthers is of both Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry.

Last season, the Panthers reached the Super Bowl, but Rivera fell just in short supply of becoming the other Hispanic coach (after Tom Flores) to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. Now, because players gather for your start of training camps, Rivera recently revealed around the Panthers how do people writer Max Henson the points he keeps in the office that inspire him as being a coach.

ICYMI: An exclusive inside check out @RiverboatRonHC’s office


— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) May 21, 2016

Some seem to be personal family memories, such as the photo which includes Rivera’s brother, Mickey, before he died from cancer. A video manufactured by ESPN not too long ago reveals simply how much Mikey inspired the outstanding season the Panthers been on 2015.

Others include mementos from his playing days, including when Rivera won the Super Bowl together with the Chicago Bears.

There’s additionally a quote from former President Ronald Reagan that captures the idea on the team being more vital than the individual. It’s an approach Rivera strongly believes.

You can practice a lot in regards to coach from what he keeps in the office »

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) May 20, 2016

It’s a sneak peek into what exactly that shaped the philosophies in the reigning NFL Coach from the Year.

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